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Reporting Instructions

Reporting for Service

If you have received a jury summons and have been assigned to a juror group you may check your status (as to when you need to call or report for service) by calling 707-269-1270 or 1-800-498-0998 for reporting instructions.

Checking a Pre-recorded Message

If qualified, your appearance as a prospective juror is confirmed or cancelled by a pre-recorded message. Call the telephone number after 5:00 p.m. the day before you are scheduled to appear. Have your juror group number available. Your Group Number can be found on the front of your Summons above/below your bar code. A message will inform you if your juror group is required to report for service or you may be directed to remain on telephone standby for any portion of the entire week.

Getting Reporting Instructions

To call the pre-recorded message you would dial (707) 269-1270, or 1 (800) 498-0998.

  • For Reporting Instructions, Deferral, and General Jury Information, press 1.
  • For Special Group Instructions, press 2.
  • To speak with a staff member, press 0.
  • To hear these choices again, press the star key.
  • To end this call, press 9.

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