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Reporting Instructions

Reporting for Service

If you have received a jury summons, you may check your reporting status and receive instructions regarding when you need to report for service by calling (707) 269-1270 or (800) 498-0998 or visiting our website at

Checking the Pre-recorded Message

Prospective juror appearances  are confirmed by a pre-recorded message with your Juror ID number which is located on the front of your summons adjacent to the bar code. Please call after 5:00 p.m. on the Friday before you are scheduled to appear to learn if and when you are required to report for service. You may be directed to remain on telephone standby for any portion of the week.  If the message tells you a different date than the date on your summons, your group has been moved (telephone standby) and you will need to call after 5 p.m. the night before the new date.

Navigating the Phone System

If you require assistance please contact a Jury Services representative at (707) 269-1270 or
(800) 498-0998 and select option 2.

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