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Court Etiquette and Security

Court Etiquette

Preparing for your day in court can feel a little overwhelming! Use the information and tools on this page to help prepare and understand what will be expected of you.

When choosing what to wear, think of it like preparing for a job interview.  Try to present your best self.  You may be coming directly to court from work or other obligations, it is ok if you show up in your uniform.  Hats are not allowed, if you wear one you may be asked to remove it.  

Personal electronic devices not specifically authorized by a judge must be turned off prior to entering the Courtroom.  Any personal electronic device which disrupts the proceedings could be subject to confiscation by the bailiffs.

Court Security

When you arrive you will need to pass through security.  Give yourself a little extra time, the mornings can be busy and there may be a line.

Place any metal objects (phone, keys, change, belts) as well as any bags or backpacks in one of the provided containers to pass through the x-ray machine, and walk through the metal detector when prompted.

Be sure not to bring any weapons (including mace or pepper spray) with you.  Some household items not generally thought of as dangerous are prohibited, like forks, screwdrivers, Leatherman style multi-tools, scissors, safety pins, nail files and even hair spray and hair sticks.  When preparing to come to the courthouse a good rule of thumb not to bring anything pointy, flammable, or explosive. 

You may not leave any prohibited items with security, they must be stored outside of the courthouse. 

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