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Telephonic Appearances

Telephonic Appearance Procedures

Rule 1.13 Telephonic Appearances

(Amended effective July 1, 2022 - see Humboldt Superior Court’s Local Rules, Chapter 1 – General Rules)

Appearances for non-evidentiary hearings or case management conferences are pre-approved and do not require Court approval or notice to other parties of the remote appearance.

Except when a personal appearance is required, remote appearance is permitted under the circumstances and procedures listed in California Rules of Court, Rule 3.670. Personal appearances are required for evidentiary hearings, which include but are not limited to, testimony at trials, and domestic violence hearings

Process for requesting telephonic appearances:

Parties requesting approval to appear at an evidentiary hearing via remote appearance must submit Judicial Council form RA-010 to the Court per Local Rule of Court 1.13. For any remaining questions, please send an email to  : (include your case number, and hearing date/time.)

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