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Telephonic Appearances

Telephonic Appearance Procedures

Humboldt Superior Court’s procedures for scheduling telephonic appearances are as follows:

Rule 1.13 Telephonic Appearances

(Effective January 1, 2014, amended effective Jan 1, 2017 - see Humboldt Superior Court’s Local Rules, Chapter 1 – General Rules)

Except when a personal appearance is required, appearance by telephone is permitted under the circumstances and procedures listed in California Rules of Court, Rule 3.670. Personal appearances are required for evidentiary hearings, which include but are not limited to, testimony at trials, and domestic violence hearings. All other types of hearings are pre-approved and do not require Court approval.

Process for requesting telephonic appearances:

Parties requesting approval to appear at an evidentiary hearing via telephone must first submit their written request via email to: (Please include your case number, hearing date/time, and reason for your telephonic request).

CourtCall provides the telephonic services used by the Court. Parties must contact CourtCall, LLC at (888) 882-6878 no later than noon the day before the hearing to schedule telephonic appearances.

Waiver Requests

CourtCall charges a fee for their services unless they have a fee waiver on file. It is the requestor’s responsibility to provide a copy of their fee waiver to CourtCall.


CourtCall provides telephonic appearance services for Humboldt Superior Court. If your telephonic appearance was approved, please contact CourtCall at (888) 882-6878 to schedule (web site:

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