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Forms & Filings

Here you will find information regarding forms and filing for the Humboldt County Superior Court.

Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon

Find Instructions and associated forms for filing a Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon.

  • Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon - Instructions

  • Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon

  • Notice of Filing of Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon

  • Certificate of Rehabilitation

  • Proof of Service

Local Court Forms

For several common local court forms, please use the links below.  These as well as other forms are also available at the Court Clerks Office. 

  • Statement Requesting Presence of a Court Reporter

  • AB 1950 Felony Petition

  • Penal Code Section 29810 Plea Form

  • Request to Vacate Civil Assessment

  • Petition and Order to Seal and Destroy Arrest Records

  • AB 1950 Misdemeanor Petition

  • Declaration Regarding Notice of Application for Ex Parte Orders

  • Family Law At-Issue Memorandum for Trial Settings

  • Guide to Case Management

  • Case Management Conference Statement

  • Declaration of Counsel for Dependency for Dependency Appointments Regarding Qualifications

  • DUI Waiver and Plea Form - First Offense

  • DUI Waiver and Plea Form

  • Plea Form - Infractions

  • Petition for Adult Adoption

  • Order of Adoption of Adult

  • Adoption Agreement - Adoption of Adult

  • Consent - Adoption of Adult

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