Family Law Mediation


Family Court Custody Mediation, also known as Child Custody Recommending Counseling, is required under Family Code Section 3170 anytime a dispute regarding custody or visitation is brought before the court. Prior to a hearing on the issues, parties will be referred to mediation to allow them an opportunity to arrive at an agreement which will be in the "best interests of the child".


Superior Court of California, County of Humboldt is a "recommending" county. This means that if the parties are unable to come to an agreement regarding custody and/or visitation the mediator will act as a Child Custody Recommending Counselor and write a report to the court recommending a possible resolution. The Child Custody Recommending Counselor will base this recommendation on the statements of both parties and a background check of any ancillary sources the Recommending Counselor finds necessary to arrive at a recommendation. This is only a recommendation which the Court, the parties and their attorney will be provided prior to a hearing on the issues.


Parties are expected to bring the Certificate of Completion - mentioned below, but are not expected to bring any additional documentation. The mediator, acting as a Child Custody Recommending Counselor, will request that the parties sign a Release of Information allowing the Recommending Counselor to contact any sources needed to write a report to the court. Under limited circumstances, the parties may be permitted to participate in the mediation by telephone.


Parties are required to review the following orientation video to familiarize themselves with mediation and concepts that could assist them in arriving at a parenting plan which will be in the best interest of their child(ren).

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Se les requiere a las partes mirar el siguiente video de orientación para familiarizarse con la mediación y los conceptos que puedan ayudarlas en llegar a un plan de crianza que será para el mejor beneficio de los niños.

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