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Court Now Open -

Hearings No Longer Broadcast - 06-22-2021 Press Release

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates:

For information and announcements concerning the COVID-19, please visit: COVID-19 Information Page.

Judicial Assignments/Calendars

Judicial Directory

Please view Court Etiquette and Security.

Note: The court calendar is posted on this web site once per day and is subject to change. Printed calendars located outside of the courtrooms contain the most current daily calendar information.

Court calendars reflect scheduled courtroom activities only. They are not intended to include all matters processed or handled by the court each day. Calendars are listed for all judges who are scheduled for court on the posted dockets. Cases marked as confidential are not open to the public.

Note: You will need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view this calendars.

Judge Timothy Canning Department 1
Judge Kaleb V. Cockrum Department 2
Judge Gregory Elvine-Kreis Department 6
Judge Joyce D. Hinrichs Department 7
Judge Lawrence Killoran Department 3
Judge Kelly L. Neel Department 4
Judge Christopher Wilson Department 5
Commissioner Frances K. Greenleaf Department 8

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