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Court Reporter Information

Court Reporters

Court Reporters are located in the main Courthouse at 825 Fifth Street, on the Second Floor, in Eureka, California.

Transcript Preparation Request

Request a Transcript Online

For those matters that are reported by a certified short hand reporter, a party may request the preparation of a transcript.

To do so, you must first determine which court reporter was present. You may review the Court minutes of the proceedings for the date that you are requesting that a transcript be prepared to determine the name of the court reporter.

Once you have that information, you can make your request in writing addressed to the name of the court reporter, at the address of 825 Fifth Street, Room 231, Eureka, Ca. 95501,

Automated voice messaging system

You may also listen to an automated voice messaging system by calling 707-445-7256.

At that time you will listen to an automated message.

  • Press 6, as automated message indicates, to order a transcript you must have:
    • the case number,
    • name of the court reporter, 
    • the specific date that you want to request a transcript be prepared for.
  • If you do not have the information, please call Court Operations by pressing 1.
  • If you have the information, press 2. To order a transcript, please enter the first few letters of the Court Reporters last name.
  • Once you are able to speak with a court reporter, or leave a message, you would provide them with the case number, and date of the court proceedings that you are requesting a transcript be prepared for.
  • You also need to leave contact information as a court reporter will need to return your call providing you with an estimate of the cost to prepare the transcript and an anticipated date that it could be prepared and ready.

If you are unable to obtain the correct court reporter via telephone, you may call Courtroom Services at (707) 269-1240 to assist you.

If you have a complaint regarding an issue involving a court reporter, you may call Courtroom Services at (707) 269-1240, or in writing at 825 Fifth Street, Room 231, Eureka, California. 95501.

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